About JITO Ratnamani Ahmedabad Hostel

Discover a peaceful and Jain-friendly stay in the heart of vibrant Ahmedabad at our serene hostel. Located within walking distance of the Metro and bus station and in close proximity to Ahmedabad University and Gujarat University.

Our tranquil surroundings and commitment to Jain values provide an ideal environment for personal growth and self-discovery. Come live with us and believe in the power of a transformative stay.


⇒ Our mission is to empower aspiring young leaders of our community by providing them with a supportive and conducive environment, helping them unlock their true potential and contribute towards building a stronger nation.

Our Vision

⇒ Our vision is to provide affordable and comfortable hostel accommodations that cater to the needs and preferences of Jain students who are moving to Ahmedabad for educational purposes. We strive to create a safe and secure living environment that supports the student's academic pursuits while also enhancing their overall learning experience. We envision a future where every Jain student can have access to a safe, affordable, and comfortable living space that allows them to excel academically and personally.

Chairman Message

Sadar Jai Jinendra,

At the onset, let me first Congratulate to all the members for their intense efforts and contribution to build this “JITO Ratnamani Hostel” in Ahmedabad. This is not just a hostel, but the result of our sincere efforts to build a “HOME” away from the Home for our youths to pursue further studies in the most conducive environment.

It is a matter of great joy and pride for all of us to support the bright and deserving students of our society who aim and aspire to do something in their career and contribute to the overall development. As we all know about the strong culture, discipline, principles and the value system at the core of the Jainism making it one of most respectable religion across the globe, we endeavor to imbibe such qualities in our youth for their overall success and growth. The development of any society and country depends on their youth and the values they carry with them.

For decades, Ahmedabad has been known for its prestigious educational institutes, across streams, be it management, medical, architecture, finance, law, science, technology, entrepreneurship and several others. Every year thousands of aspirants across India and even abroad come to Ahmedabad to pursue higher studies. Quality living conditions at an affordable cost is a must for fulfilling the dreams of these students. So, with an objective to satisfy their need for quality accommodation, homely food and a strong cultural environment, JITO Ahmedabad Educational Trust has built an Ultra-Modern “JITO Ratnamani Hostel” to standout with our youths in the most critical part of their career.

JITO Ratnamani Hostel is in Navrangpura, a posh locality in the Heart of the city, surrounded by several renowned education institutions. This Hostel is equipped with the required modern amenities to provide the students with the perfect stay during the stage of their career progression. The Hostel will accommodate the male students on merit basis for pursuing their studies and we are sure about the strong cultural values, discipline and the tradition these students will carry and maintain all throughout their life which will help us to build not only a strong society but also a strong country. We have also introduced concession programs on a merit basis for those students who face economic challenges in pursuing their studies.

We look forward to supporting the youths for their career progression and feel fortunate if we can contribute something to the development of our future generations.  My Best Wishes to these youths for their successful career and may we follow the path enlightened by Bhagwan Shri Mahavir in our lives for the overall well-being of mankind.

Best Regards,
Prakash M. Sanghvi